Our Top Three Tools to Inspire Your Perfect Wedding

Planning for a wedding can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you’ve never really thought about your dream wedding in much detail before getting engaged. Not only are there the big decisions to make, such as deciding the date to get married, choosing the wedding venue and settling on a colour scheme, but there are smaller, finer details too. For example what sort of wedding favours to give to your guests, how to present your seating plan and even providing something for guests to leave any wedding cards or presents in. If you’re in desperate need of some wedding inspiration, here are our top three ways to get the wedding ideas ball rolling!

1. Wedding fairs are a great starting point, especially for a newly engaged couple. They tend to be free entry and you may even be given a goody bag! Fairs are a great way to meet a range of wedding suppliers all in one place, from photographers to florists, from jewellers to stationers. You may come across something you never thought of doing – for example, having a magician to perform in the period between the ceremony and reception, or hiring a vintage sweet cart for the evening do.

2. Chances are if you’re reading this you may already be a fan of wedding blogs or perhaps you just came across this blog by accident. Type in “wedding blogs” or “wedding bloggers” into your internet search bar and you’ll find a treasure trove of wedding inspiration. Many wedding blogs feature pictures and details of real life weddings, which is often the best way to be inspired as they’re so much more personal. It’s very easy to think, “I like that, but I’d do it this way…” and from that an idea can blossom. Going online in this way is also a cheaper and quicker alternative than purchasing a wedding magazine!

3. We absolutely love Pinterest. It’s an online photo sharing tool (it can also be downloaded as a phone app) that effectively works as a pin board. You can create lots of different themed boards on your profile and “pin” any photos you like onto the relevant board. It’s a great way of collecting ideas in one place that you can go back to at any time. Plus if the photo is from a website, Pinterest stores the web link too. You can search Pinterest for existing photos; it will suggest related pins and allow you to follow other people’s boards. Trust us; it’s easy to use and extremely addictive!

We hope you find this post helpful and wish you all the best of luck with your wedding planning! We’d love to hear what tools helped inspire you for your big day.