Planning your wedding: Part 3


All Wedding Guests

2-3 months until the Wedding Day . . .

Wow were getting close now, so let’s get down to the nitty gritty. First of all, let’s sort out the wedding party, make sure fittings are attended and that all the outfits are on track to be completed and ready on time for the big day.  You also need to think about the silverware, and select your wedding rings, remember this is something you will look at everyday so it’s important to get it right. Whilst you’re looking at these it may also be an ideal time to think about gifts for your wedding party, and anyone else that you wish to say thank you to. Try and get these little touches sorted early on as they can be stressful when done under pressure.

You also need to start thinking about other thank you gifts like favours for the guests, these may be something you order, or may be something your wanting to put together to give the more personal touch. Also think about any other decorations you may need for example things to add to the tables, a way of displaying the seating plan etc. These are all little things you will want to be involved in as it’s the way to add your personal touch and fit you chosen theme, making the wedding more personal to you and your partner.

4 weeks until the Wedding Day . . .

Another stressful thing for many can be writing vows and speeches, it is worth you getting others to read through and vet them to ensure they are suitable and won’t cause any upsets on the day. Whilst were talking about upsets, you may also want to sit down with your other half and thrash out the details of the seating plan- this can be a very tricky thing, and cause a lot of tension between the families, so stay calm and work through it. Remember it’s your day!

In this final month you need to make sure you have your final fitting for your outfits, this is an ideal time to try out any accessories to make sure they work with the whole outfit e.g. shoes, vail, jewellery and lingerie. You also need to touch base with all suppliers and pass on final numbers and information concerning your guests. Make sure that all suppliers know where to deliver different items and what times they will be required, so that the day runs as smoothly as possible.

2 days to go until the Wedding Day . . .

The stress is probably getting to you, and you’re anxious that things might not go to plan. The best thing to do at this point is to sit down with your wedding party and write a list/timeplan of what has to happen when. This way they can help keep the day on track so that you can enjoy your special day!

It is important for you to take time on the last two days for yourselves and indulge. Pamper yourself and make sure you get the sleep you need to look gorgeous on the day.

The Big Day  . . . 

Enjoy Yourself!